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Q: How do I remove the face paint? 

A: Gently rub mild soap into paint WITHOUT water. Rinse with warm water. You may also use makeup-removing wipes if preferred. 

Q: Why is face painting so expensive?

A: Our customers' safety is our top priority. We use professional face paints and glitters that are meant for use on skin. Cheap acrylic paints and other off-brand paints can be toxic for skin and can cause severe reactions and rashes. 

Our face painting kits are large and versatile, providing our clients with the full face-painting experience. We have a full range of split-cakes, glitters, stencils, special effects paints and glitters, gems, and glitter creams.

We consistently engage in professional training summits and seminars through the International Face Painting School and other reputable professional sites to hone our craft. We are always working to stay on the cutting edge of new techniques and tools. 


We carry bodywork insurance to assure the safest experience for our clients and to protect business-owners for corporate events.


All of this adds overhead cost, but provides the safest, most comfortable experience for our clients.

Q: Could my child have a allergic reaction? 

A: While allergic reactions to face paint are possible, they are VERY RARE as we use professional face paints, created specifically for skin.  If any reaction does occur, it will occur within the first 5 minutes of putting paint on a child's face.   Most often, allergic reactions are caused by whatever has been used to remove face paint. If your child does have known allergies, copies of the ingredient list and MSDS for all of our face paints are available. 





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